Police investigating reported rape by UW athlete at Central District apartment

Seattle Police are investigating a reported rape of a 16-year-old girl at a Central District apartment near Garfield High School that she says was committed by a University of Washington athlete who befriended her via Facebook. KIRO broke the story and has posted its latest update here:

 University of Washington men’s basketball Coach Lorenzo Romar said in a news conference on Tuesday that “there’s not enough information” to take action yet against a UW athlete accused of raping a 16-year-old girl.

Romar did not identify the player by name — nor is KIRO 7, depending on the outcome of an investigation — but Romar did say that the accusation wasn’t something he or the university were taking lightly.

The player has not been arrested and KIRO is not naming him pending results of the SPD investigation.

0 thoughts on “Police investigating reported rape by UW athlete at Central District apartment

  1. This was reported on King5.com on Monday afternoon/early evening…..I am speculating here but it seems like it would likely be a player that grew up locally given the central district connection. If you look at the UW roster that can be narrowed down pretty quickly.

  2. I believe that a large numbers of young individuals today want to play grown, yet when confronted with adult situations they do not want to take responsibility. The majority of youth today will sneak out, dress inappropriately, use drugs and, or alcohol, distort the truth(lie), or are just totally immoral and disrespectful. We as a society have begun to blame the man for all things bad that happen to us. Why can we not individually hold ourselves responsible whether good or bad? The individuals that were there that night are the only ones that know the entire truth to this matter and all of them should have put more thought into their actions. I believe they all were at fault. Everyone there had a agenda, male and female alike, why then are we trying to hold only one person at fault. When she was offered alcohol did she not accept?, was she forced into the supposed bathroom?, she lied to her parent(s) about where she was going that night who is to say she told them the truth about the allegation!!!!! I myself have been a victim, yet had I lived my life differently and not distorted the truth who is to say??? I am not trying to lessen the situation but we have more than just one victim here!!!!!!! Learn from this and beginning now teach our youth to be better people Morally, and Spiritually for the betterment of all.