SeattleCrime: Two busted after 26th Ave South home ‘ransacked’

Some better news, of sorts, from the crime beat, as police were able to arrest two men carrying loot after a December 28th home burglary in the 400 block of 26th Ave South. The details from our sister site, SeattleCrime:

Around 1:00pm on December 28th, police received a report of two men “ransacking” a home in the 400 block of 26th Ave S.

A neighbor gave police a good description of the suspects, and officers stopped the suspects two blocks away from the home after one of the men tried to duck behind a fence post.

One man, who was carrying a brown paper bag full of video games, told officers “I bet you’re wondering why I’m carrying these Xbox games.” more…

0 thoughts on “SeattleCrime: Two busted after 26th Ave South home ‘ransacked’

  1. It appears the ransackers “Coug’d it” …

    Seriously, great job neighbor on calling it in!

  2. Please report the name of the adult booked (it’s public record) and the juvenile booked especially if he’s a felon. I lived on that block for many years and most of the criminals were neighbors in the 5 houses on our block which were home to felons and their endlessly enabling families.