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Potholes! Potholes! Everywhere potholes!

Wow.  It’s like an obstacle course driving on MLK from Madison to Yesler.  I feel lucky to still have an axle.  Please help by reporting potholes to the SDOT repair folks.  Their page says, “Our goal is to repair potholes within three business days of receiving a report.”  So please, everyone, report those potholes!

Here’s the link:

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  1. The street on 23rd between Union and Pike is basicaly falling apart from the bus traffic. I have been reporting it weekly for about 6 months. The ground up asphalt flies up against the old restaurant building. When it rains, people waiting for the bus wait behind the bus shelter because passing cars hit the potholes and the water flies into the shelter.. I do not think this neighborhood is a high priority for the city’s “Pothole Rangers.”

  2. On 23rd….Madison to Jackson…nightmare.
    Its like being in a video game …dodging all those potholes.

  3. When you report it what do you put as the intersection or address? Maybe it’ll help if we all report it.

  4. That just means they wont re-do the whole street soon. It doesn’t mean they wont fix potholes (if people bother to report, rather than stating “we live in the cd; no one will respond/care.”).

  5. The city has fixed some potholes by 23rd and union last week. It is hard to figure out how they decided to fix some and leave others. Keep reporting!