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New Pole Banners Intended to Jazz Up Jackson Street

Four colorful pole banners were recently installed along the 23rd & Jackson business node.  These neighborhood identification banners read, “Jackson Street Business District–Jazzin’ it up”.  On South Jackson Street between 23rd Ave. S. and 25th Ave. S., these banners decorate the heart of the business district.  

The banner tag line, “Jazzin’ it up”, gives a nod to Jackson Street’s jazz music history.  It also highlights the revitalization efforts underway along the corridor.  The banners hang in three different colors.

This neighborhood beautification project is courtesy of The Jackson Street Business Corridor (JSBC), a business association.  This project is funded in part by a Neighborhood Matching Fund award of the Seattle Department of Neighborhoods.  The JSBC plans to implement several more improvements along Jackson Street this year.

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0 thoughts on “New Pole Banners Intended to Jazz Up Jackson Street

  1. I’ve always been irritated by banners like this. They feel bland, cheap, tasteless, and a bit desperate.

    These in particular are running a fine line between celebrating the area’s history/culture and watering it down into a tacky, stock, ‘pleasant-town usa’ advertisement. I’m sure these ads appeal to someone, but I doubt it’s jazz artists or long-time members of the community.