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Madrona K-8 proposes community readerboard

Last night’s Madrona Community Council meeting produced plenty of news, and we’ll share it with you over the next few days.

One topic that is likely of interest to community members is Madrona K-8’s plan to build a readerboard sign on the corner of 33rd and Union. The PTSA won’t be meeting formally to discuss the proposal until next week, but the tentative plan is to apply to the City of Seattle Neighborhood Matching Fund program for a $5000 grant, with an equivalent amount to be matched by community fundraising.

The design and style of the readerboard is yet to be determined, though it will likely be the removable-letter style (not electronic). The tentative location is on the corner across from Madrona-Sally Goldmark Library, one block east from the Madrona tree sculpture in the photo.

According to PTSA Vice President of Outreach Barney Mansavage, the readerboard would be encouraged to be used by the community, not just the school. For example, the community council could share news of meetings, festivals or events and BOOM (Business Owners of Madrona) could use it to promote non-commercial events like the 34th and Union Street Festival.

The grant application is due in May so don’t expect to see a sign until mid-2011.

What do you think? Would Madrona benefit from a community readerboard?

0 thoughts on “Madrona K-8 proposes community readerboard

  1. Sure, that’s a great idea…but why does it cost $10,000 for a readerboard? Seriously, is that what those things cost? ($5000 from the city, and a matching $5000 from the community)…Wow.

  2. I agree, shouldn’t have to cost $10K…would a smaller grant be possible, or would leftover funds be permitted for other neighborhood uses?

  3. It’s a nice idea, if it’s an attractive readerboard that fits the character of our neighborhood. Definitely not electronic, and definitely no tacky animations like you see on the freeway in Fife, or I will ignore it completely.

    To defray co$ts, I’m sure we can get neighborhood donations of labor and material (painted wood trim, and a few cedar shakes) to construct a frame for the readerboard with a Madrona craftsman feel to it.

  4. To answer the question, Yes a sign would be good for the community, and not just Madrona. It would be nice for people who pass by the location to know what events are happening at the school and in Madrona. I think Madrona Elementary will get a better turnout for some of their events if the community can easily see what is coming up.

  5. i think this is a great idea. especially in lieu of the community information kiosk that BOOM originally intended for the cleanscapes grant.