Community brainstorming sessions will guide CD public art project

An excerpt from their flier (view full PDF)

A group of Central District residents decided they wanted more public art in the neighborhood, so they applied for a grant from the Department of Neighborhoods in order to develop three public art ideas through collaborative community involvement. The Central District Art Project received a grant to do just that, and they will be holding three “charettes” starting in March.

At each charette, participants will brainstorm and develop a public art idea together. By mid-April, the group should have three ideas for public art projects around the Central District. They will then begin raising funds and applying for grants in order to complete the projects.

Because it is not clear what kinds of projects will be decided on or how much they will cost, it is unclear when the first piece will be completed. If an idea is inexpensive and simple, it could be up next year. If it requires more fundraising and design, it could be years.

“The whole point of what we’re trying to do is to get the community connected to each other,” said Mary Pat DiLeva, one of the group’s leaders.

They are currently looking for a facilitator for the charettes. Interested parties should respond to their Request for Proposal by Friday, January 28. An excerpt of the job description:

Our consultant who will lead these charettes needs to be a community-builder able to engage diverse groups in the neighborhood and help those groups agree on a vision for the project. Our consultant needs to know how to work within the city’s restrictions for placement of public art, needs to be able to work with a steering committee and larger community groups, and needs to help make the experience one where individuals respect the process and the outcome.

Charette schedule:

  • March 19, 2:30-5:30 p.m., Central Area Senior Center (500 30th Ave S)
  • March 28, 6:30-9:30 p.m., The 2100 Building (2100 24th Ave S)
  • April 14, 6:30-9:30 p.m., Lutheran Church of Good Shepherd (2116 E Union St)

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  1. Or possibly a tribute to the people of “The Corner” at 23rd and Union?