Where to see holiday lights around Seattle

Chilly Willy, originally uploaded by sea turtle.

It’s not the greenest of holiday experiences so you’ll want to offset some carbon credits before you head out, but here’s a map of some of the Seattle area’s more extravagantly lit neighborhoods. Not sure we’d recommend trying to bike through any of the spots marked unless we are bringing *lots* of friends. For biking — and the definitely green walking alternative — stick to the local joys of your neighbor’s light strings.

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0 thoughts on “Where to see holiday lights around Seattle

  1. Darn, I was hoping this was going to be a post about local Christmas lights around the CD. Anyone seen any stunners in our neighborhood?

  2. Mount Baker is lit up. Driving down 31st & east on McClellan, and south again on Mt. Rainier Drive, Hunter & 38th was pretty tonight, with a number of homes nicely decorated.

  3. Hey all —
    I wanted to do a local wrap-up of lovely CD lights, too, but just couldn’t find my own time or a contributor to do it. Hopefully you’ve noticed a growing stable of contributors on the site. I appreciate the “crowd sourced” tips and should have invited them! Honestly, I decided not to focus on that type of round-up because I’ve never had any luck encouraging the *enthusiasm* over on Capitol Hill :) No surprise given how cool we think we are! ;) If you have pictures from the Central District, send them to us at [email protected] and note the location so we can give people an idea on where to enjoy the show. Happy holidays!