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UPDATE: Dulces to close end of January; pizza restaurant moving in

UPDATE: Owners Julie and Carlos confirmed that the economy was the main factor in closing Dulces. They have been behind on the rent for over a year, and came close to losing their home.

In an email, they wrote that they were “forced to move in order to survive” but hope the new venture will give the opportunity for a new start.

During the last five days of business, they will offer a 20% discount to neighbors to thank them for their support over the years.

Big news on the restaurant front in Madrona – Dulces Latin Bistro will close at the end of January, 2011, after 17 years of business at 34th and Pike.

Changing neighborhood demographics and the economic climate contributed to owners Julie Guerrero and Carlos Kainz deciding to close the restaurant and move to a to-be-determined location on Capitol Hill.

A pizza restaurant will be moving into the space – which will make two new pizza places on 34th, with Zaw coming in the spring as well.

Readers will recall that Dulces opened a wine outlet and revamped their menu this past summer to bring a diversified clientele to the location.

Through the end of January, you can still visit the Wednesday free wine tastings (5-7pm with complimentary hors d’oeuvres) and the New Year’s Eve $40 prix fixe dinner from 5-9pm).

We have a call into Julie and Carlos for more details and will update this post accordingly. 

0 thoughts on “UPDATE: Dulces to close end of January; pizza restaurant moving in

  1. When they went “child-friendly” they lost my business. It was a downward spiral. Advice to other restaurants: once you let the kids in, adults exit.

  2. They ran a groupon special just back in September. If you bought one (like I did) it sounds like you better get in there and use it sooner than later.

  3. Hey Jack – I think that is oversimplifying the situation. Do you think the decline in consumer spending, lack of real estate activity, property depreciation, inflated unemployment rate and lack of bank lending to business and consumers over the last 3 years had anything to do with it? My guess is they were already on a downward trajectory and were trying anything they could at that point to regain some momentum. Also, you assertion is a flawed generalization. Just look down the road to Madrona Ale House and to our friends on Capitol Hill – Vios.

    Merry Christmas.

  4. I stopped in to try it after they went “child friendly” and the menu was anything but. A legitimately child-friendly restaurant has to offer food kids like (like St. Clouds).

  5. does any one know what restaurant will be moving in and when they plan to open?

  6. My partner and I had dinner at Dulces last night (great enchilada and carne asada, by the way). We told Carlos and Julie that we were excited that they were moving closer to our home on North Captitol Hill. They advised us that the deal was off because the building developer decided to hike the price by $11 per SF! Such greed! Dulces really would been a nice tenant to have there. They did say they still plan to move up on the Hill though, so they’re checking some other options out.

    Jouele probably just wants chains with deep pockets. I thought the developers had agreed that they weren’t going that route. Well, if they want local proprietors, they need to be a little forgiving on rates and consider the business plan’s of those trying to make it through these tough economic times.