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The scammer is back

We got a knock on the door about 5 minutes ago. A middle aged african american man knocked on our door and this guy shoved a copy of The Daily into my husbands hands. He then went on about raising money for some unspecified university project and wanted us to trade him a dollar for The daily newspaper (which is free). He was talking about a mile a minute. I heard all this happening and told my husband to shut the door! 

So there’s your warning. He’s back!

0 thoughts on “The scammer is back

  1. Where is he this time? Is he Patrick, your gay neighbor this time, or a school custodian locked out, or a new neighbor who is locked out, or does he need money for gas for his car that’s around the corner with his pregnant wife in it? Someone should tell him, and the legions like him, how boring the same old stories are!