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The reopening of 23 and Union

Hello my name is Arthur Banks SR I ran the B.B.Q stand known as (MAMAWILLIEBELLS BBQ) on Madrona Beach  from 2003 to 2008 with great success until these hard time of today that force me to close my seasonal business.  I ‘m also know for working with At-Risk Youth ages 10 and 21.  I  was reading the CDN for the frist time today and the Philly Cheese Steak building is a building that I would be interested in putting my style of fast food in. The name would  ARTIE B’s  Wings and BURGER’S home of MAMAWILLIEBELL’S B.B.Q.  The menu would be the following: 7 type of Chicken wings, 9 type of Burgers and 7style of sides to choose from yams, potato salad, green beans and potato, home made corn bread, mac & cheese,dirty rice, corn-on the cobb and.  B.B.Q would be on sale Fri – Sun only.   All of you that remember me from Madrona Beach already know what I do with B.B.Q.need i say any more.   I would need investers to pull it of: is there any body out there game to make money?????

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  1. I don’t have money to invest, but would definitely support your business by eating BBQ if you opened a new place!

  2. Mr. Banks,
    We miss you down at the beach so much. I am sorry to hear that you won’t be back there. But I am oh-so-excited that you want to stay in business AND in the neighborhood. If it’s not possible in the Philly’s building have you thought about the Sammy Burger’s building down the street? I wish you the best and like that you are reaching out to the community. Somebody should jump on the opportunity because you are definitely a great cook!

  3. Mr. Banks,

    I am so looking forward for you to open this joint. That would be awesome. I would be frequent customer if you do able to open this joint!!!!!


  4. Mr. Banks, Ian Eisenberg owns that property and you should talk to him about leasing it. I just interviewed him the other day and he has another idea but perhaps you can discuss this option with him. He posts on here periodically.