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Reader report: Occupied, attempted break-in in Madison Valley

CDNews reader MT sends us this report of an attempted break-in at his house while he was home Saturday:

My partner and I own a home in Mad Valley, and I just wanted to give you a heads up that we had an attempted break-in yesterday, at 12:15pm in the 200 block of 32nd avenue E.  The perp smashed through our rear sliding glass door- I was home, but downstairs.  I came running up at the sound, and scared him away.  Apparently the EXACT same thing happened to our neighbor down the street the day before and she was home too.  (That info was from the police, I have not had a chance to talk to her yet)  The guy was young, 5’8″-5’10″ish, average build, light skinned (white/hispanic/asian?) wearing a faded black hoodie with the hood up.

We’ll keep an eye out for the police report on the other nearby house and will let you know the details there too.

0 thoughts on “Reader report: Occupied, attempted break-in in Madison Valley

  1. I am so tired of these thieving punks breaking into our homes in Madrona and Madison Valley. This has been happening for the last few years almost regularly around 32nd-33rd avenue from E. Thomas to Union. Neighbors please be vigilant and report ANYONE suspicious.

    How can we get these guys out of our neighborhood?

  2. Have you heard of the broken window theory? You are what you tolerate(you as a voter = your police department and city council). By the time they are breaking into your house (preferrably when I am home, to be honest), it’s no longer a public policy and law enforcement problem; it’s your very up-close personal and dangerous problem. Personally I like my Remington 870 Express pump for home defense, first round bird, second round buck (it shouldn’t come to that). Great for close quarters and multiple intruders and not going through walls. The nice thing about the Remington is the sound it makes when you pump in that first round. To me it sounds like it’s saying, “Wrong house.” If the Remington or a .357 with hollowpoints isn’t your style, I also keep a Louisville slugger in each room of the house. It’s a lifestyle that could save you or your loved one’s life. Always know where the nearest weapon is. And camera up at home; security cameras are more affordable now and it’s fun to watch who’s coming and going. But getting these guys out of our neighborhoods? This requires a cultural change at city hall and on the police force. We are what we tolerate. And some of us are armed and ready. So, who should be more scared, me or the cutthroat motherless bastard dumb enough to pick my house?