Bar robbed of liquor, bartender kicked in shins

One woman was arrested after an afternoon bar robbery near 22nd Ave S and Jackson November 29. According to the police report, three women in their early 20s walked in the bar around 3 p.m., and one of them asked if she could buy a shot for $1. The bartender told her the shot costs $6, then turned his attention to another patron.

While his back was turned, the patron saw the women grab two bottles of liquor and run out of the store. The bartender chased them outside and confronted them. One suspect took the bottles from her purse and gave them to her two companions, who both fled. The suspect then allegedly kicked the bartender in the shins twice, cutting his hand in the process.

The victim was able to snap a photo of the suspect with his phone and called the police. Officers found the suspect at a nearby deli. The suspect had a 12 and a half inch knife in her purse, which she said was for self-defense. She was arrested on investigation of robbery.

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  1. From the location, it sounds like the other Ethiopian restaurant on that part of Jackson (Chef Cafe, I think they’re called).

  2. Hidmo is at 20th and Jackson.
    And currently, Hidmo doesn’t open until 5pm. So Brian’s guess was wrong. I hope the bartender is healing well.
    Good grief.

    I’m actually wondering why Tom doesn’t list the bar where this happened so readers don’t have to guess. All the other details were solid except the one that mattered most.