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Where’s the "message of hope"?

Recently, I saw this  link on my Facebook.  The link has an auspicious message of hope in these days where ‘hope’ is being lost in the minds of a lot of people. People would like to hang on to anything that gives them a more positive outlook. However your office deleted it with no explanation. We are still of the belief that we’re living in a Democracy. But your deleting that link makes us wonder. To me, (I have lived here for 55 years), this smacks of Fascism. So, please re-post that link if only to improve the image of your publication. Thank you very much for your consideration.

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  1. Ellis Mary Henrietta Pascual could you please explain the connection between deleting a Facebook link about a weird “miracle” star and Fascism?

    You think that editing a community news website is a threat to our Democracy? Please explain. Thanks.

  2. I’m pretty sure that she’s complaining about the admins deleting the post that she provided the link to. I don’t know how FB figures in, but then, I don’t really use FB. Maybe it has an RSS function?

  3. @ mkb –

    I still don’t understand the connection with Fascism/Democracy/Facebook/CD News or how someone living here 55 years has any relevance to anything in this post. I was hoping Ellis Mary Henrietta Pascual (love that name by the way) would be willing to elaborate on that for clarification, but I guess that’s too much to expect.

  4. Can’t speak for Mary but what I gather from her post is that she saw a link on facebook to this site (people use facebook to post links to other sites) and the contents from that link have been removed by the administrators (aka either Scott or Justin). On one hand this site claims it wants participation from people but often deletes posts or simply bans users from participating. This has been going on for as long as this site has been up and there has never been a clear explanation about it. If you read the terms of use for CDN the administrators can delay/remove/ban comments and posts from anybody for any reason.

    While I wouldn’t go so far as to call it fascism, a silent moderator who makes unilateral decisions without providing clear explanations does not make this site feel open or inclusive. Removing personal threats, private information, etc. is one thing but that is not really the case with this site. I think Amber, the Editor at does an excellent job of moderating that site, explaining what the expectations are from people who contribute, and keeping it inclusive for neighbors to participate. She is an excellent example of an administrator of a neighborhood blog.

  5. Jennifer, thank you for taking the time to point out the editorial proclivities of this site and how it stands in relation to Rainier Valley Post. I posted the link that was deleted. It is for a free talk being presented (in the Central District) at the Douglass Truth Library on November 28. I appreciate that the librarians at that branch did not “delete” the opportunity for their patrons to be exposed to new information. It appears they trust their patrons to make up their own minds.

    My mother, Ellis Mary Henrietta Pascual, who happened to live through the Japanese occupation of the Philippines during WWII, values the free flow of information differently than most. Without any prompting from me she took the time to share her thoughts above.

    I hope the interaction here will prompt a new way of thinking and course of action by those who read this.

  6. I also wonder why a simple article stating that an unusual star being seen in the sky over Seattle, and needless to say quite interestingly, all over the world, would be deleted from an open news forum such as the Central District News. Why not let the viewers determine whether it is a worthy enough cause to investigate, rather than deleting without even notifying the originator or an explanation. I call on the First Amendment & Free speech for all!!! With all due respect to the editors, can you please re-post that article? I, for one, want to know more…

  7. I see this complaint on numerous forums online. Not to detract from the original message (which by the way is being discussed on other quasi-religious forums and at least one other Mormon website I’ve seen) but we’re posting on someone else’s forum. Yeah it’s for the community and all that, but it’s a labor of love for someone else, and if they don’t feel that a posting about a “miracle star” or “Maitreya” is germaine to the intent of CDNews, then they can remove it.

    Don’t like it? Purchase a domain name, create your own page and post whatever you want.

  8. Exactly! This is not an open forum. This is CD News which is operated and moderated by the administrators.

    And I really don’t think words like “fascism” should be thrown around so casually as a “go to” insult of convenience.

    What do you think, Ellis Mary Henrietta Pascual?

  9. There is no mention of this event on the Douglass-Truth Library’s calendar. Nor is there any information on the supposed organizer’s (Share International) website. If I were this site’s administrator and couldn’t easily find information about an event, I’d remove the posting too.

    You know what else can suppress hope and positivity? Baseless accusations of fascism. Which we’ve heard quite enough of lately.

  10. Graciously, the Seattle Public Library Allows the community to reserve and use meeting rooms to present information as long as nothing is for sale and there is no charge. However, they don’t include independently produced events in the SPL calendar. Promotion is left to the organizers. Ergo, the attempt to reach the neighborhood audience here.