Operation Safe Union becomes Safer Union: Neighborhood clean-up nets 4,130 pounds of trash

When it comes to crime prevention, law and order can only go so far. Sometimes, you need a little elbow grease. A group of neighbors, community leaders and East Precinct representatives including commander James Dermody fanned out across the streets around 23rd and Union last weekend in a neighborhood clean-up effort that netted 130 pounds of trash and put feet on the street in an area that could use the attention. Operation Safe Union has become operation Safer Union. Here’s the media release from SPD on the clean-up. More are scheduled for coming weeks. We’ll check in to make sure you get forewarning before the next scheduled “operation.”

The Seattle Police Department partnered with other City Departments, local property owners, community groups, Casey Foundation, Seattle Neighborhood Group and Feet First to remove more than four-thousand, one hundred-thirty pounds (4,130) of green debris and litter. Community participants included Jean Tinnea, Tom Bangasser, Derryl Durden and Ian Eisernberg. East Precinct Commander James Dermody spoke at opening ceremonies and painted out graffiti.

Seattle Parks and Recreation, Seattle Office of City Auditor, Seattle Department of Transportation, the Department of Correction, Seattle Department of Neighborhoods and Seattle Public Utilities also assisted in the effort. In coming weeks, the “Safer Union” project will hold mini-cleanups and other community building activities.

On Saturday, October 30 more than forty Seattle residents picked up litter, painted out graffiti and removed invasive plants along 23rd and Union streets. The event marked the kick off of a 90-day SPD inspired project designed to eliminate blight and diffuse crime at this well travelled intersection.

0 thoughts on “Operation Safe Union becomes Safer Union: Neighborhood clean-up nets 4,130 pounds of trash

  1. That 4130 pounds was probably primarily leaves and branches; the DoC crew did a *great* job on a lot of that stuff. And Ian’s last name is Eisenberg, without the R :)

    Folks there were adamant that if you know about additional issues around 23rd/Union that weren’t addressed, speak up! We have resources available to the community for the next 90 days, so let’s take advantage of them!

  2. John – thanks for the help on my name :)

    It was a fun event rain and all. I talk a good game about trying to be involved in community but it was good to have a push to walk the talk.