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Lost Bulldog, Mona Lisa – Madison Valley – FOUND

Thanks to a tip from a neighbor, Mona Lisa is safe at home! The tip I received from my neighbor is that he saw Mona going into a house on Arthur across from the Village Mart. I went and knocked on the door of the house he thought it was, but when nobody answered I walked next door, and there was Mona Lisa in the yard! I knocked on their door and nobody was home there either, so I took Mona home and left to pick up the kiddos from school. On the way home I picked up some flowers and a thank you card to bring by the house, and it turns out that the woman who lives there had no idea that Mona had even been in her yard! I still gave her the flowers and thanks since her fenced yard was responsible for keeping Mona safe, but I sure would love to be able to thank whoever so kindly put Mona in a safe place.

Wow, what an awesome neighborhood we have! Many sorries to all of you who may have seen or heard me, the crazy lady yelling “Mona” and wearing two different colored shoes, all throughout the neighborhood! What a day! I feel like I’ve been hit by a Mac truck from all the crying and walking I did, but I am elated that Mona Lisa is home. She is just a social butterfly who loves to flit around the hood visiting her admirers. I just wish she’d learn how to RSVP to me before she ventures out!

Thanks so much to everyone who sent such kind notes and for all your support and well wishes!


Please help! 

Our Bulldog, Mona Lisa, has been missing for over two hours. We are having work done on the house, and she snuck out a door that was being painted. I’ve checked all her usual haunts and I can’t find her anywhere. I am beyond crushed and cannot stop crying. She was stolen before and I just can’t bare going through this again. Please call me if you’ve seen her or picked her up.

Mona is on the small side for a Bulldog and is white/brown/brindle in color. She is four years old, super friendly, and wiggly. Mona will probably start breathing heavily once she gets scared. She is always with me and must be so scared by now. We are in Madison Valley off Madison near Cafe Flora.


Home: 328.6276

Cell: 719.1085

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  1. I’m so glad you found your dog. I am a member of the yahoo group where you posted about getting a weird note. I live near Village Mart and also have gotten annoying, cowardly anonymous notes. When Zilla Toys was still on the corner, the clerk there told me that he also got notes, and who he thought it was. Ignore them. Some people are seriously in need of an occupation! I’m glad your dog is home. Cheers.