Election Night power outage also hits CD

A power outage that has left most of the International District and parts of Beacon Hill in the dark also has the lights out in portions of the Central District near Jackson and 12th Ave. City Light has yet to provide the boundaries of the outage but says that nearly 3,000 customers are currently without power. Intersections are also operating without stoplights making for a sketchy nighttime road environment. You can track outages using this City Light map. Hopefully for those of you in the dark, the map browses well on your mobile device of choice.

According to SPD radio broadcasts, the bounds of the outage are East Cherry to the north, Spokane St to the south, 15th South to the east down to 4th Ave S in the West. Police are starting to move out to direct traffic at significant intersections like Broadway and James.

KIRO is reporting that power should be restored shortly for a majority of the impacted area.

0 thoughts on “Election Night power outage also hits CD

  1. Get used to it. If things are headed the way it looks like they may be “rolling blackouts” in non-crucial neighborhoods are probably quite likely. Less power, more police. Dino Rossi is clearly already at work!