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UPDATE: Found bunny and now owner

We found a bunny in good health and good spirits tonight in a driveway in the Jackson Place Neighborhood at Dearborn and Hiawatha.  The bunny is small, very soft and dark gray/blue. We can’t keep him because the other pets that object to sharing the space at our house.  We will be taking to a shelter or the Rainier Vet Clinic tomorrow.

Please call Alex at (206) 992-6965 to claim by tomorrow afternoon!

UPDATE: After some neighborhood sleuthing and tips we have identified the bunny owner and will be giving it back.

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  1. I wish people that found someone else’s lost pet over a holiday would wait at least until the first workday afterward…so many go out of town and have entrusted pets to sitters or friends or neighbors that they have no way of doing much about a missing pet in absentia.

    If you have to keep a found animal in a separate room, that’s preferable to handing over to the shelter or even Rainier Vet, as great as they are.

  2. What’s the point of this post? What if the person is allergic to the pet?

    Maybe the next time I find a pet I’ll leave it outside in the cold to die.

  3. I still have the lost bunny. I called the vet and the shelter and they suggested I try to hold onto him for a couple days. He/she (?) is in very good spirits and VERY domestic. If you know anyone who has lost a pet bunny please let me know. I will have him until Wednesday morning…I plan to take him to the shelter then.

  4. I’ve seen this bunny get loose several times. My understanding is that he/she lives in one of the houses on Dearborn just east of the Nova Townhomes.

  5. Come on, the person posting the ad clearly has other pets which conflict with having a bunny around. A dog or cat in the house could stress out a bunny – and cause it’s death or severe stress. Sounds like they did fine by the bunny to turn it in to an environment where it would have a separate space and the right kind of food and care. It’s not fair to demand that just because someone finds an animal that they care for it.

    I just dealt with an abandoned bunny found at Boren/Union. She is a very friendly, cuddly black bunny who is now at Seattle Humane Society, so if you’re looking for a pet – sounds like there are two (or more) available there now.

    Bunnies are easy prey for dogs and large birds once outside. If someone is irresponsible enough to let their pet run off (why is it running off if they’re taking such good care of it?) then it should go to the humane society and get a new owner.

  6. If you call the Seattle Humane Society, they maintain a list of lost and found pets and can check to see if anyone reported the bunny missing.

  7. Thanks for this tip! I will put up a sign up the hill…hopefully someone claims him/her soon!