Central District News next: Open thread

Big Changes Coming to Deano’s. Big Changes at Old Dilettante Space. Big changes coming to CDNews. Things change. Central District News is, indeed, changing. While it’s hard to say anything about changing for the better with Scott moving on to his new focus, how about we aim for keeping things good but in a whole new way? Let us know what you would like to see in a new Central District News. We’re not reinventing anything but this is a good time to look in new directions and reconsider what we do every day.

For those of you who haven’t me yet, my name is Justin Carder and I run capitolhillseattle.com and have worked with Scott for 120 Internet start-up years. I’m a trained journalist but I won’t let that get in my way of helping CDN move forward and continue to grow as a small but important piece of the community. I’m reaching out in every which way to get help in doing that. We’re taking small steps this week but have every intention to keep the CDN news machine running at maximum capacity.

You can add your thoughts in comments or drop me a line if you’d like to get involved on the writing end of things. Free labor is swell. But I like to pay reporters. And I find that reporters like to get paid. We’re made for each other, really.

My intention in the long run is to work with somebody who can grow into taking an even bigger role in CDN. Either that or I’m going to move a mile down 23rd so I’m officially in the neighborhood. I know the best coverage of any neighborhood comes from the people who live there. Right now, I’m an acknowledged tourist in the Central District. I hope you’ll forgive me when I screw up my first bit of geography or let my Capitol Hill bias show through when covering news in the Madison border zone.

Fortunately, I already have help on the way from true blue CD residents. Lisa is already hard at work on the Madrona and nearby beat. Tom will join us soon to help shoulder the load on issues civic and crime. The daily scanner report? I’m afraid that’s gone for good. With change, there are always some things you leave behind. We’ll do our best to grab the good stuff. But let us know if there’s something you don’t want us to miss or something to pick up that we may have been overlooking until now.

0 thoughts on “Central District News next: Open thread

  1. Are there actually big changes coming to those spaces or did you really just link back articles dating 2008? We’ve already seen a possible restaurant/storefront decide to drop the Dilettante place and the apartment bldg stalled after leveling the old Deano’s bldg.

    At least you acknowledged your border bias (yes I read CHS daily too :P).

    GL with the coverage.

  2. Nooooooooooooooooooo–! Please bring the police news scanner back! I will miss it so very much.

    Other than that… thanks for taking this on and good luck

  3. The scanner was my fave part – it was always good to know if I needed backup getting home in the evenings….

  4. The old Dilettante space has been sold to Coyote Central. This is a fabulous arts organization geared towards middle school ages kids. They’ve been around for YEARS but not had their own space. This will be great for them, great for that corner and great for the community at large. I know they are in the middle of a Capital Campaign, so anyone who feels like they could donate, it would be most welcome. Here’s the link to their org.

  5. LOL. He really did just link 08′ articles. The Deano’s project from what I understand is on hold until some economic changes happen. The old Dilettante building is under construction as we type, making way for Coyote Central- a wonderful youth arts program. That should be open in the spring.

  6. Justin:

    I think one of the things CHS is most successful at is getting folks from the neighborhood engaged in writing posts and articles on the site. I would like to see the same for CD News – Scott is awesome – but a greater representation of the neighborhood as writers would be fabulous too…

  7. Actually, if it’s possible to get any kind of an update from Jim Mueller on his projects at the old Deano’s and Twilight properties, as well as the 23rd/Union property, that’d be great. Is he just basically waiting for funding and ready to go otherwise? Which project would he build first if he could only do one? Or has he just given up on all three?

  8. I liked hearing about what happens in the neighborhood, too. Any chance that this could come back?

    Thanks for all of your support, even from across the lines. :)

  9. The Scanner can’t just come back. Someone an actual human being- has to get a scanner, listen to it, and type in what they hear.

    Things don’t get done. People do things.

  10. Uhhh yes we understand that “The Scanner” isn’t some robot capable of independent operation. We’d like the people who run CD News to do the scanner thing again if they could. Thanks.

  11. Kudos Justin for opening up the dialogue with us, the fans of CDN. As a resident of the CD, I know many people who refer to the Police Scanner Log and it is a vital part of the virtual front porch for the neighbors. I realize that you have to manage the efforts but would urge you to bring the scanner reports back in the near future.

    Good Luck and Thanks!

  12. I agree. It’s one of my favorite features of the site, and I’ve heard that for some neighbors, it’s the only part of CDN that they visit regularly. Hope someone can take it on!

  13. I also request the scanner come back. I think the website hits will be greatly reduced w/out it from biz perspective. Its worth a try getting the funding and help to put the scanner back on the site. Biggest community service here………

  14. I really hope that you will consider bringing the scanner back! That is the best part! Thanks-Vince

  15. I think he was just referring back to old articles to show that things keep changing – even the change we think is going to happen doesn’t happen.

  16. agreed! and justin, i have followed you on twitter for a long time (@lizwas) and, if possible, i’d like to help with writing posts about happenings around the CD neighborhood. let me know if you think i could be of any help. (i’ll even use capital letters and spell check!!!) :)