23rd and Union gas station shuttered

We’re still gathering details on what is happening but can report that the Union 76 gas station at 23rd and Union has its pumps taped off and is closed. Thanks to Ian for sending the tip about the darkened service station last night.

The shelves of the quick market have been emptied. No information or signs are posted but we’re tracking down more details from Union 76 and attempting to reach the Kenmore-based owner of the licensed business at the location.

Know or see anything? Send mail to [email protected] or call/text (206) 399-5959.

0 thoughts on “23rd and Union gas station shuttered

  1. Does this mean the taco truck has lost it’s spot? I assume customers need access to restroom facilities.

  2. are there restrooms for other taco trucks in town? don’t think the one on Rainier has one ..hmmm

    maybe this is why the truck moved back to the south side, since it was the gasoline delivery trucks that made them move?

  3. I think the taco truck moved to the north side of the building because a huge puddle would form on the south side after a big rain. A crew came in and did some work on the puddle/drain last month. The taco truck hopped back over to the south side a few days later.

    Hopefully the taco truck will stay open regardless of the fate of the gas station. If they don’t, there will not be a single open business on the immediate 4 corners (unless you count the police drop in station).

  4. the customers don’t need restroom access… the people running the truck do! their food is sub-par anyway

  5. Sub-par is a compliment. The one on Rainier ( Taco School Bus) is terrific and it actually has bathrooms in the building behind it.

  6. maybe not the best taco truck in the city but i’m glad it’s there nonetheless .. i’m worried this corner is now so abandoned .. sigh

  7. I am shocked about this news! Is there anywhere else in the city where there is such a blight of a corner in a major intersection (not including the Taco truck, of course)?
    To have a gas station vacated is a big problem because, I imagine it is not an easy task to have gas station decommisioned in case a developer wanted to to redevelope it. Let’s hope the gas station owners come back or it could sit vacant for a very long time.

  8. They should move down to Parnell’s at 23rd and Dearborn. Then I could walk for my taco related needs!

  9. Shocked, I tells you, that the gas station five blocks from a less expensive gas station has closed.

  10. Back in the day, when Jack Richlen owned it…..and then his son in law….although we never actually bought any, my (now grown) kids still use “the Kickin’ Chicken place” as a way to identify that intersection.

    And yeah, it costs a fortune to redevelop a site formerly used as a gas station due to the haz mat situation…..I suspect if another station (or the same one) doesn’t go in there it will sit empty for a long, long time.

    Hopefully you’re right, and they’ll get it all figured out and re-open, either the same owners or new ones.

  11. Safeway should open the station as a fill-in between their Rainier Valley station and other operations. Of course, I think the barrier would be their fuel islands tend to not have major convenience stores and this one would be a few blocks from the main property.

    Sounds like something is already in the works, which I’d see as a positive. I rarely bought fuel here because yes, ARCO AM/PM down the street was always significantly more affordable.

  12. The Trader Joe’s at 17th & Madison is on the site of a former gas station. The site was vacant for a couple of years while they pumped air through the dirt via big pipes. You may have noted a similar setup (think it’s gone now) at the Jim Mueller/Deano’s site at 21st & Madison: they were doing soil remediation for the dry cleaners (I think) that used to be on the site.

    In brief, remediation can be done if there is a financial incentive, which of course there probably isn’t, in this financial climate.

    I agree with the above comments: never saw much incentive to buy gas there. It used to make financial sense if you were paying with plastic, and not buying a tankful, but otherwise the AM/PM made more sense.

  13. The taco truck should move up Union a bit to other closed gas station lot that now appears to be a thriving car repair shop ..

  14. They rebuilt the drainage completely on the south side. That’s what the work crew were doing. Should be *much* better going forward.

  15. no! no more vehicles of any sort at the no-longer-a-gas-station at 21st & union, please! i know the guys there mean well and work hard, but it’s an eyesore. as a neighbor i really wish they’d clean it up. besides, with all those cars there who has room for a taco truck?

  16. @LizWas, have you noticed that they’ve moved at least half the not-so-rolling stock out of there? They’re really making an effort to clean it up. I’m not sorry the tires went away, either.

    I suggest you stop in, introduce yourself, give Elvis and the guys an attaboy for the cleanup so far and tell them what you’d like to see.

  17. @Jean The guys at the garage are very nice and they say hi to me and my kids all the time. You’re right, I should go talk to them and express my appreciation for the work they’ve done and also express my concerns. I am afraid the things I wish they’d change might seem petty to them because it’s all cosmetic and does not reflect on their abilities as mechanics at all.

    For me it all comes down to signage and how they present themselves to the community around them. It is amazing what a professional sign or even a well displayed business name does for the perceived professionalism of a business. (Note how no one in this thread referred to the business by name – it’s not clear to us what it is, though I think it’s Easy Auto Repair). Of course less litter and fewer junky cars definitely help too!

    Anyhow, point taken.

  18. @LizWas, I have tried to communicate to Elvis and his guys the importance of professional-looking signage, sigh, to no avail. Maybe more voices would help get the message across. Perception is huge, and the signage reflects on the quality of the mechanics, rightly or wrongly.

    The Union Street Business Group is rumbling back to life after a dormant period. I’ll check to see if the Good Neighbor facade program is still around and if it covers signage. A small grant might be just the ticket.

    I keep on him about painting out graffiti, too. It IS Easy Auto Repair, btw.

  19. thanks, jean. maybe we can approach him together about it? think that might help?

    ps: we must be neighbors. :)

  20. Just a plug for Elvis and the guys: they do great work at the best prices I can find in the area. I used to shop around when I needed work done on my car, but now I just go there every time (which is not often thankfully). I’ve been ripped off in other places before, so I really appreciate that I can trust Elvis to be ethical and competent.

  21. I appreciate that they do not seem to tolerate loitering or other activities not related to car repair and appear to be hard working, reasonably priced good mechanics.

    The location never sold alcohol which was also appreciated. This, no doubt, had more to do with the previous business. They lease the space from him, right?

  22. that’s great to hear. we’ve considered taking our car there the next time something comes up, thankfully nothing has come up lately. i never doubted that they did good work or were honest, i just wish they had a different aesthetic. i have to look at it everyday. i know, i’m being a snob, sorry. :(

  23. I don’t know if they lease the space or not. I know they were having a hard time getting the Shell sign taken down, and perhaps that is related to the lease?

  24. Ditto on your comment, plug. I take my car there whenever I need to and they are affordable, reliable, and quick. Plus I can walk home after dropping my car off and walk back to pick it up.

  25. Why don’t the taco truck move to the gas station on the 23 and Cherry? That would be a great location for them, as that gas station is super crowded all the time.