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Soup Swap on NPR

Soup Swap was featured this morning on NPR as a great way to eat healthy and build some neighborly connections.

Swaps Get More Mileage from Humble Bowl of Soup

We’ve really enjoyed hosting a Soup Swap for residents here in the Central District the last two years. We’ve met some great folks, doing pretty cool stuff we’d never have met otherwise!

As a founder of this national craze, I was a bit bummed that they cut the bit where I was telling them about how awesome it can be for getting to know the neighbors and about the swaps here in the Central District. Maybe that will make the next interview! I know there’s a nice piece about to hit the newstands in Edible Seattle.

Vic and I are definitely planning on hosting what’s becoming an annual tradition: the THIRD Central District Soup Swap, probably in late February. But if you look outside, you can see it’s a perfect day for soup, so don’t wait for us if it sounds like a great idea: grab your neighbors and pals and do one on your own! 

Here’s the SoupSwap site with some helpful guidelines (and posts about the Central District Soup Swaps), and we’re recently on twitter and facebook as well.

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