Pepper spray robbery reported at Mad Valley market

A pepper spray hold-up of the grocery market at 29th and Madison left the manager in need of emergency medical treatment and sent police into the streets of Madison Valley in search of the three women reportedly involved in the Monday night attack.

The manager called 911 to report the incident around 8:15 Monday night. We don’t know at this time if anything was stolen but the pepper spray assault is being investigated as an armed robbery.

The assailant is described as a black female, 5’2″ or shorter with her hair pulled back at the time of the attack. Two other females were with her at the time of the reported robbery attempt.

0 thoughts on “Pepper spray robbery reported at Mad Valley market

  1. Sad–they’ve all always been very nice to me (and my dog, and my kids) whenever we go in there.

  2. I too love my local store owners I was just in there with my little boy an hour ago.

    The Idiot girl may have overlooked that there are security cameras everywhere in that store.
    I guess we will have to wait and see if she gets caught and how little the judge will sentences her.

  3. The family who own that store are so nice and they put up with so much. Thank goodness they have good cameras in there. The idiots behind this attack are no doubt on film. What jerks.