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Development Update: Lot subdivision, new house at 21st & Pine

On the walk back from the grocery store yesterday we spotted an endangered species at 21st & Pine. It wore vibrant colors, with a bright yellow body and thin black legs. A few short years ago watchers could spot hundreds of them as they popped up in random places around the neighborhood. But ever since the great recession began they’ve been hard to find, thinned out by the lack of financial game that previously sustained them.

We had spotted a rare Land Use Notification Sign.

It was planted in a prime corner lot on the northeast corner of the intersection, announcing a proposed subdivision of that lot into two pieces. It has apparently always been vacant, most recently used as a garden for the home that sits on the east side of the property along Pine.

The developer plans to split it into two pieces, with the west one sized at 2,800 square feet and the east one at 2,500 square feet. According to permits filed with the city, the west lot will become home to a new single-family residence with an attached garage, valued at $276,096.

0 thoughts on “Development Update: Lot subdivision, new house at 21st & Pine

  1. OK, here’s where I get to walk the talk. That’s our yellow house next door. I’ve always been one of those pro-density folks, and now I get a big dose of it right next door, staring at me through my dining room window. I’ll miss the greenery and the natural light, but we’re keeping our fingers crossed that a nice family with young kids moves in. At least it should be a pretty cool looking house — dwell has done pretty neat modern/sustainable houses — check them out at

  2. Cool attitude; nicer to hear than the usual NIMBY’s. it’s still amazing to me how they can take one seemingly reasonable sized lot and make it into 2 or 3 or 4 homes…. *sigh*…. but I seriously do love your attitude. We could all take a page from your book :~)

  3. Dwell just sold their new house at the Northeast corner of 26th Ave S and S King street.

    I knew something unusual was happening when the foundation was being laid: special care for insulation. The house went up quickly and sold quickly.

    It’s the first home I’ve seen with a Heat Recovery Ventillator. Those only go in special homes, the most energy efficient homes. I’ve had one for 10 years and now I don’t have the only one in my area.