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Mail your ballot by Tuesday!


Click the electronic “I Voted” sign to go the the King County Elections website: you can guess what you’ll find there. Most important info there is the location of the nearest ballot drop box, if you missed the mail pickup: King County Administration Building, 500 4th Avenue, Seattle 98104

And if you REALLY want to keep up on things on election night (and have an iPhone) you’ll need the official WA State Elections iPhone app.

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    Voters may find extensive information on all the ballot issues at:

    Page 13 and 14 indicate the positions taken in advocacy and action.

    Pages 22 thru 54 contain the ballot issue summaries that were prepared by the League of Women Voters.

    The Municipal League provides guidance on which ones they support and which they oppose.

    I think you will find the knowledge here helpful in thinking through many of the ballot issues