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Gang of girls try to rob another of purse & phone on Yesler

A group of thugish girls are apparently fighting the trend of lower crime in the neighborhood, attacking another teenage girl near 16th & Yesler on Monday afternoon.

According to a police report, a man driving by witnessed the assault and stopped to help, causing the three suspects to run off.

The victim said the group approached her and demanded her cell phone and purse. She refused, prompting one suspect to try and grab the items while another punched her in the face three times.

The victim suffered minor injuries to the face that did not require medical attention. She also held on to the purse throughout the ordeal.

0 thoughts on “Gang of girls try to rob another of purse & phone on Yesler

  1. Sending hope, some love & my courage to the young lady who stood her ground & refused to give up. That must have been really quite scary & physically painful. I hope there isn’t any repercussions.
    Good on you to the Good Samaritan driving by & stopping to help. Thanks so very much for paying attention.
    Shame on the 3 young ladies for such appalling behavior! There will be repercussions for all of you. Know that.