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CD Rewind: A look inside the old grocery at 23rd & Cherry

This is so cool. CDNews reader Richard G. saw our earlier story on the old photos of the northwest corner of 23rd & Cherry, and sent us some fantastic additional details and photos:

Love your posts with the historical photos!  Here are some additional photos you might want to post.  My wife’s great-grandfather, Hyman (Chaim) Handlin had a grocery/butcher shop, Handlin’s Grocery & Market, in the middle storefront on 23rd during the 30’s and 40’s.  Eventually, his son-in-law bought him out and moved the store to 34th and Union, where Domestic Furniture is now. 

Thanks Richard!


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  1. This is the store that my brother and grandfather owned. It was a Kosher chicken store. I remember the ckickens in the backroom running around without heads. I was a little girl during the war and my father was in a vidal industry and was exempt from fighting so he could supply people with chickens. This store now, I believe, is a restuarant on the corner of 23rd and Cherry. This is a trip down memory lane. If my memory serves me right, the live and hanging chickens were kept in the room that is behind the door. This looks like it could be my father/grandfather. My grandfather was Isaac Bloch and my father was Milton (Babe) Bloch. Let me know if this is correct.

    This pic was sent to me by my cousin, Ron Simon (Seattle Symphony) who recalls that this is the location of his Uncle’s store.

    Barbara Bloch Epstein

  2. My recollection of Babe’s chicken store(my uncle also) was on Jefferson St. It is now an empty lot across from Ezell’s chicken restaurant. It was an old two-story building with some kind of living space upstairs. Yes, the chickens were in the back behind the door and they loved to peck at your fingers from their cages!

  3. My grandfather, Joseph Handlin, owned a grocery store in Brooklyn, NY. He came from Chernignov in the Ukraine. I wonder if he and Chaim Handlin were related.