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AME will own MLKjr. School

This is a positing to let you know in case you were not at the meeting or watching.

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  1. wow. Can you tell us the vote break down? What happened w/ the amendments? So disappointing.

  2. Let me see if I remember exactly. Betty Patu and Kay voted for Kay’s amendment to not sell the schools. I made a mistake earlier when I said that Michael voted for Harium’ ammendment. Michael seconded Harium’s motion and only Harium voted for the amendment. All except Kay and Harium voted for AME after the two amendments failed. How to read between the many political lines here could make for some interesting discussions.

  3. Thanks Joanna. Too bad SB, MM, Debell and Patu couldn’t have organized to vote as a block on one of the amendments. I am glad to hear that Harium and Kay did not vote for the sale. It’s meaningful that this was NOT a unanimous decision.

    Maier, Sundquist… Sigh. Carr, I expected better.

  4. Was it all for show or were some actually trying to make a difference? The rest of Board went against Kay and yet seemed to consider her opinion important during the work session. She voted “no” on Harium’s amendment after clearly knowing hers had not passed. Patu only spoke to the first/last motion on AME. Sigh.