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Shots fired near Pratt Park – Updated

Seattle police have surrounded an apartment building at 20th and Yesler after a man fired off shots from an apartment balcony around 8:30am. is updating as this develops.


Seattle Crime says a man is in custody and things should be winding down soon:

Update @ 9:29- Seattle police are working with a crack negotiator—the man’s mother—who is on the phone with the man, trying to coax him out of his apartment.

Update @ 9:35- Police believe there may be 3 or 4 other people inside the apartment with the man.

Update @ 9:36- Police have one person in custody and are trying to get three more people out of the apartment.

Update @ 9:42- Sounds like everyone is safely out of the unit.

Update x2: SPD has released new details on this morning’s mayhem: 25 year old man arrested, stolen 9mm handgun recovered from apartment.

On September 2, shortly before 8:30 AM, East Precinct officers responded to a report of shots fired from an apartment balcony in the 2000 Block of East Yesler Way.  Officers nearby heard the multiple shots.  911 received numerous calls on the shots fired.  The initial report stated that a black male wearing a dark colored sweatshirt came out of the apartment onto a small balcony and fired a handgun numerous times before returning back inside the apartment.  Witnesses reported seeing the man do this twice.  Officers arrived quickly and surrounded the apartment.  There were also reports of the suspect possibly leaving the building and walking down the street and heading to nearby Pratt Park, so officers had to check those areas as well.  Officers were able to confirm that the suspect was still inside the apartment.  SWAT officers responded to the scene and made contact with the suspect inside the apartment.  SWAT was able to convince the suspect and three other occupants (a male and two females) to come out of the apartment where they were taken into custody.  SWAT then cleared the apartment and announced that no one else was inside.  Officers then were able to go back inside and continue their investigation.  During the course of the investigation officers located several 9mm shell casings and a stolen 9mm handgun was recovered from inside the apartment.  Witnesses were able to identify the suspect based on his clothing.  The suspect, a 25 year old male resident of the apartment, was later booked into the King County Jail for Department of Corrections violations, Reckless Endangerment, and Possession of Stolen Property.     The other suspects were interviewed and released from the precinct.  There were no injuries and it does not appear that any property was damaged.

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  1. SWAT team is here, using bullhorn ordering occupants of Unit 11, 2001 E Yesler Way to come out, hands empty and up.

  2. I live in the apartment unit next door. That’s probably why they kept telling us to get off the balcony.

  3. it’s in the condo building on the South/East Corner. Soho is open and police are letting customers into the shop… You’ll get a front row seat of all the “action” (which there isn’t any right now)

  4. Sounds like Patrick came out and Rob is coming out now.
    It’s not the rental. Mom owns it, the grown kids come by every couple weeks.

  5. And the 4th one now. SO says that the woman was more pissed than usual this AM. Maybe because she had a gang hiding out in her condo!

  6. Hard to tell what going on from this end of the complex, though that’s not really a bad thing…

  7. I just saw that the cops walking away with 5 people in custody. Also that armed police were closing into the complex. I can’t see if they are ready to go in to the unit.

  8. Thanks for the comments! Please keep them coming! I’m at work and live right near there. Thanks everyone!

  9. Police have two women restrained, sitting on the street at 20th & Washington. They’re talking calmly with the officers.

  10. I just saw there’s a police armored car in the drive. The police didn’t say anything as I crept out to the balcony. Looks like they’re starting to put stuff back into the car.
    Can I leave yet?

  11. Cops said it was safe to leave the compound and come out.
    Too much excitement before my morning coffee.

  12. PLEASE come to Soho for a drink :) it’s been a slow morning and we’re ready for some business!

  13. … to be more present in this area. It ebbs and flows, but buyers and sellers generally work with impunity around Pratt.