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Proposals for Purchasing MLK Jr. School to be part of School Board Briefing and Discussion

The proposals for purchasing Martin Luther King Jr. School are on the agenda of the Seattle School Board’s Audit & Finance Committee meeting on September 9th from 3:30PM to 6:00 PM in the School Board Conference Room at 3rd and Lander (2445 3rd Avenue South ).  These meetings are open to the public but do not include public testimony.    However, it will provide an opportunity to ascertain the thinking and the issues that appear to be important to the District administration and various Board members during these final steps of  making a decision. This in turn will be helpful to community members and advocates in framing  the questions, information, and comments that they may want to forward to Board members.

Current proposals under consideration:                                                                                           

Original list:                                                                                                                                                    


Finance Committee:

Sherry Carr, Chair  [email protected]

Peter Maier – member [email protected]

Michael DeBell – member [email protected]

Sr Administrative Assistant for the School board [email protected]

Other School Board Directors:

Harium Martin-Morris – District III [email protected]

Kay Smith-Blum – District V[email protected]

Steve Sundquist – District VI[email protected]

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