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Options for broadband/cable internet?

As I mentioned in another post, my wife and I are moving in at 20th and Yesler. Can anyone tell me what options we have for broadband or cable internet? I know our building has Broadstripe, but they have a terrible reputation and I’m hoping we have another options available. Any info?

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  1. I see a Broadstripe ad at the top of the Page, IMHO Broadstripe is how you know your neighbor is bad. When even Comcast won’t come to you…
    to be more direct your building management also will dictate your choices because they most likely get a deal/kickback from Broadstripe.

  2. I used to be the most anti-Broadstripe guy there is. Slow data rates and several outages a year right when I really needed my internet. The phone tree was annoying (whose isn’t?), but when I got a technician on the phone they were helpful and did their best.

    Their onsite service techs did a great job. It turned out part of the problem was the cable coming into my house had been corroded by moisture, so they promptly replaced that. They were honest with me and told me that the distribution amp on the pole near my house was up for replacement, and that system-wide upgrades were coming soon. They got my connection back up and solid.

    Some weeks after that, I found that my download and upload speeds had just about tripled, and I haven’t had an outage in over a year.

    So yes, Broadstripe was bad, but they are improving. Your internet is only as good as the wiring in your building, but if there is a problem, Broadstripe’s techs will fix it.

    Those wishing for Comcast should be careful what they wish for, it’s not any better.

  3. I’m glad Craig is happy with Brownstripe but I can’t share the same experiences. I’ve been with Broadstripe for 10 years, they still suck and was really pushing for their bankruptcy to succeed. We have Brownstripe cause no one else would serve the neighborhood- that’s true. The alternative is Qwest. I could not get Qwest to get my speeds up, spent 4 months trying, ended up with a huge bill they refused to credit while they struggled to get me above 66kb. I finally had to get the state’s Attorney General’s office involved so I didn’t have to pay Qwest $600 for a service they never delivered. So, we are in bad shape. Broadstripe has fewer outages than in the past but I still have plenty of days where my service is so slow it’s not usable. Trying to get a credit from Broadstipe takes a lot of time and I have been unsuccessful more times than not. Both of these companies are ridiculus and if the Mayor’s Office of Cable Communication was staffed with complete incompitents, we’d have some real choices. My neighbor who runs his own company subscribes to both since neither Qwest or Broadstripe is reliable enough. Contact the Mayor’s office, not the Office of Cable Communication- they’ve done nothing during the 10 years I’ve lived here.

  4. You will be sorry if you go with Broadstripe! They are the absolute WORST company I have ever worked with.

  5. When I moved tot he CD I was warned off Broadstripe and everything I found online said bad service, bad customer service. So I have had Qwest for the past 2 years without any problems so far. It is the only other option as far as I know. There are other ISPs but they use Qwest service.

  6. We have qwest although I pay for a larger bandwidth – the regular was not large enough to be fast enough for the games. We still find it a bit slow if I am on the computer downloading files and my son is playing 2K10. I would check with Comcast they have been planning to install in the area.