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Man robbed of phone, wallet at 17th & Columbia

Our buddies at CHS have a story about the recent increase in violent street robberies on Capitol Hill, and talk of reviving the 90’s era, beret-topped Q-Patrol.  

And now we’ve come across a new police report about a Central District man who was robbed this past weekend on his way home from Capitol Hill:

On 09-12-2010 at around 0304 hours I was working uniformed patrol with mypartner Ofc Evans #6833 as 3 George 3 when we were dispatched to  18 Av to investigate a strong-armed robbery. [Victim] said that he was walking home from the Capital Hill area and whenhe got to 17 Av/E Columbia he noticed he was being followed by someone.[Victim] said he turned down the 700 block of 18 Av to head towards E CherrySt.   [Victim] attempted to get on his cell phone to call a friend and thatis when he was pushed to the ground by the unidentified suspect following him.  Once [victim]  hit the ground the suspect demanded his wallet and cellphone.  [Victim]  gave the suspect those items and once the suspect had them, the suspect kicked [Victim]  in the head.  [Victim]  was able to borrowsomeone’s cell phone to call 911.  

[Victim]  was unable to tell us anythingabout the suspect other than the suspect was a male, he was over 5-10, and wearing a dark hooded jacket.

[Victim] had his LG Slide phone (valued at $200), his hand-made wallet with$40.00 cash, and his [redacted]  in it stolen.[Victim]  refused medical attention at the scene.  An area search for thesuspect was conducted with negative results.  [Victim]  was given a businesscard with the incident number on it.  We gave [Victim]  a transport to his residence.

The early morning hours seem to be the most frequent time for street robberies. Walk with friends, be aware of your surroundings, and don’t be afraid to seek help from nearby residents if you feel threatened.

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  1. I had to wonder about him so easily borrowing another cellphone in the middle of the night! Quite the nightlife we have around here.