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East Precinct Crime Prevention Coalition meeting tonight, Thursday, Sept. 23rd

Dear Community Stakeholders:

Please come to our East Precinct Crime Prevention Coalition meeting tonight, Thursday, September 23



rd at 6 PM.

 Randy Beaulieu, on the EPCPC Board and the Central Seattle Drug Free Communities Coalition Coordinator, will be presenting some very interesting findings from the recent surveys administered to over 2000 students and all staff members from Madrona K-8, Washington Middle School, and Garfield High School.

 The focus of the student surveys included levels and perceptions of student substance use, personal access to alcohol and marijuana, perceptions of community and school enforcement, and parental/adult involvement in youth substance use.

 The survey was also given to all staff members of the target schools, focusing on awareness/knowledge of discipline policies around substance use at schools, understanding of how to respond in instances where students are using substances at schools, confidence in abilities to address such situations and levels of past training on substance issues.

 Also on our agenda will be Steve Freng, from the High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas (HIDTA) program. King County is among several areas within the United States identified as exhibiting serious drug trafficking problems. Designated to receive additional federal resources, the HIDTA program works with local law enforcement to help eliminate or reduce drug trafficking and its harmful consequences.

 Hope to see you all tomorrow!

 Stephanie Tschida, Chair

East Precinct Crime Prevention Coalition

Thursday, September 23



rd, 6 PM

Seattle Vocational Institute

2120 S Jackson St

Free parking in the north side of the building’s parking lot

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