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Theft in the neighborhood

My roommates and I are new to the neighborhood and for the last few months have had no problems and felt very safe and comfortable. On Tuesday the 24th of August our TV was stolen out of our house, we are not sure if this happened while we were home asleep or earlier on in the night when we had some friends over. On Wednesday the 25th my roommates seafoam green bike was also stolen out of our gated back porch area. While we know we will not be seeing these things again I still feel the need to let everyone in our neighborhood know that there has been some recent thievery. If anyone happens to see the bike around let me know, or if you see someone creeping around the house on the corner of 27th and cherry we’d appreciate a heads up. Thanks! -Mindy

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  1. Mindy,

    there have been a number of breakins and thefts a few blocks away around 27th between Denny and Howell. We had a little neighborhood meeting Tuesday night with police representation. As soon as the meeting notes come out, I will be happy to forward to you.

  2. I’m the informal blockwatch captain for a few blocks along 24th, from Homer Harris Park south for a few blocks and I would like to see your meeting notes as well. I would pass them along to my email list.


  3. Hello! we’re currently in the market to buy a house and found a great one near 27th and fir. I’m wondering how safe it is around that area — it sounds like there are a number of break-ins and the house we’re looking at is new and quite different from the houses around it, so it might be a target. Any information about this block/area would be much appreciated and would help inform our decision!! Thank you!