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Possible House Casing – 17th & Spring

We had someone we’ve never seen ring our doorbell tonight. No one ever comes through our gates and up to our door, except invited guests, and the well known Patrick when we moved in three years ago from a rental down the street. Anyhow, the man tonight was white, about 5′ 10″, 160 lbs or less, his hair turning to grey/white, and probably hadn’t shaved in a week or so. He wore light (almost white) colored jeans and a light colored (grey) t-shirt under an unbuttoned light blue/denim long sleeve button down shirt. 

I spoke to him without opening the door. At first, he seemed to shrug his shoulders, almost waiting for me to say something. He then said what sounded like “I’m looking for Rob.” He was very soft spoken so I asked him to repeat himself. I then put my large dog in a different room because he was barking so loudly I couldn’t hear well. The man then said “Michael, I’m looking for Michael.” He still couldn’t or wouldn’t identify who he was supposedly looking for, so I prompted him for a last name. He said a name that I didn’t recognize then said he must have been given the wrong address, that he was there to see someone who moved in “like a week ago” and must live in one of the other townhouse units. I told him everyone in the townhouse development has been here since the homes were built well over a week ago. He said have nice evening and left. A few minutes later he was sitting on the curb across the street. He left after three LDS missionaries greeted him, apparently completely disinterested in their pitch. 

Generally, he was polite. However, he was suspicious from the outset. Has anyone else in the neighborhood had a recent, similar experience?

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