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Other Saturday bits: Oranges and Back to School

We’ve gotten two reader tips today about other events around the neighborhood you might want to check out:

Twitterer AirInSilver says that there’s a street fair going on next to the Douglass-Truth library at 24th & Yesler, with back to school items and giveaways for backpacks and other supplies.

And CDNews reader Adam M. sent us this hot tip and photo of a man selling oranges at 14th & Jefferson, in case you need a summer citrus boost:


0 thoughts on “Other Saturday bits: Oranges and Back to School

  1. The “more” doesn’t work, Scott. Can you fix this so we know what the other activities are that are going on?

  2. Ahh – there’s actually not any more to read -that link shouldn’t be appearing. Will have a fix soon…