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"Major Explosion" at 36th & Columbia: Fireworks + grass

No details yet, but the neighborhood is filled with sirens responding to an “Explosion Major” in Madrona at 36th & Columbia.

More as we get it…

Update: Calls came in to 911 at around 11:15pm, with neighbors reporting the sound of an explosion, and later reports of either a car explosion or a house fire.

When police arrived they found a grass fire that was at risk of spreading to nearby houses. A live electrical wire was also on the ground.

Update x2: The fire is now reported as under control. Neighbors also told police that they heard fireworks in the area before the fire broke out.

0 thoughts on “"Major Explosion" at 36th & Columbia: Fireworks + grass

  1. but wasn’t sure what it was, then wondered if i imagined it….hope no one was hurt.

  2. racing up yesler, thats a huge response i thought to myself and thought I’d check on here. Thanks for the amazing coverage!

  3. thanks for the quick coverage; the neighborhood sites are so much more reliable, and quicker than traditional media these days.

  4. Interesting, I thought I heard fireworks going off westward a couple of days ago. It went on for a while so I was wondering if it was some kind of celebration

  5. Housesitting in the area and thought I was woken up by the wind. Stuck my head out the bedroom window, and I could smell and see the smoke cruising past the street light! I went outside to figure out if it was the house or a building nearby.

    Searched ‘smoke in madrona’ – shocked to see someone paying attention!

    Thanks for the quick posting, you are on top of things just like the WestSea Blog was all over the sonic boom earlier today!

  6. hendrixfan, the fireworks you heard was probably the recording of a film on 23rd & union, about the murder of the owner of the Philly cheesesteak. It was on Saturday. Scott covered it here on CD News.