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Leschi neighbors planning memorial to Officer Brenton

It was just over nine months ago that Officer Tim Brenton was brutally murdered as he sat in his patrol car at 29th & Yesler. A huge memorial of flowers and mementos grew on that corner in the days after the shooting, but it was temporary and was removed by police after Brenton’s funeral was concluded.

Neighbors around the scene of the shooting have been working since that time to design a permanent memorial to Brenton’s life and service to the community. Working with artist Judy Blanco, they’ve developed a plan that will fit the memorial into the strip of land between the sidewalk and 29th Avenue, just north of the intersection at Yesler. It includes a stone shield with Brenton’s badge number, a black sash through that noting his death, the words of Brenton’s family engraved in stones around the shield, and a tree and other plants that symbolize the ongoing lives of Officer Brenton’s loved ones.

The Leschi Community Council is currently raising funds to pay for the $25,000 memorial, and are seeking community donations to reach that goal. Tax-deductible ontributions can be sent through PayPal to [email protected], or checks may be mailed to:

Leschi Community Council
Attn: Officer Brenton Memorial
Po Box 22391
Seattle WA 98122-0391

They’re trying to hit that goal by October 1st to allow the memorial to be completed by the time of the 1-year anniversary of Officer Brenton’s death on October 31st, 2010.

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  1. It’s called the planting strip – or it should be, anyway. Space to grow things, in this case hopefully understanding and appreciation for a life of service to the community. Thanks as always for keeping us all in the loop, Scott.

  2. It would be great if LeschiCC could make a fundraiser page that makes it easier for folks to spread the word through Facebook, email, etc. in order to raise money for this. Individuals or organizations can create fundraiser pages, usually with a tally off to the side showing how close you are to your goal, a button to click to use paypal etc. Here are some examples:



  3. In this time of so much bad feelings for law enforcement I would like to thank you for your endeavor to honor the fallen. I will do everything I can to assist in your fundraising efforts.

  4. CD parent thanks for the idea. I looked at the examples. They are great. Do you know anything about setting one of these pages up. It is a little beyond my techincal abilities, but the Memorial Commitee would love to do it

  5. 25k ? seems a little steep for a planting strip. please explain.
    I love the idea but 25k?

  6. Throughout her life Judy has cherished nearby rivers, streams, wetlands, and lakes. During her years as an artist in New York City she had a deep connection with the East and Hudson Rivers, spending portions of every day observing, taking photographs, drawing, painting, and making sculpture, all about and with water.
    Since moving to Seattle in 2005, Judy has continued this practice, not only in her own art studio but also professionally, as a landscape designer and natural resource specialist for the King County Department of Natural Resources.

    Additional information can be found at

  7. RC I would be glad to help figure out how to set up one of those pages. My son created the Kintera one for his school fundraiser. What’s your email? Also, it looks like a Facebook cause was created. Here’s the link for everyone:

  8. Thanks for sharing that link, CDparent! That is indeed the “Cause” page we’ve created for folks on FB who want an easy way to contribute.

  9. BluWater Bistro in Leschi is planning to have a big neighborhood fundraising party / Duck derby / live music etc.. on Sept 11th!! We would love any help in getting the word out about this. Anyone who wants to donate to the cause can purchase a Rubber Duck @$5 at all BluWater locations We will put all Ducks in the Derby race to shore on Sept 11th at the Leschi location & top 3 winners get great prizes. If anyone from the LCC would like to contact me directly and I can get you all the info! Thanks Elizabeth Williams 206-344-4757 BluWater Corporate office.

  10. I will stop by on my way to work tomorrow. I lift him up with love and thanksgiving and I give thanks for his life and his family. I will bring something to grow.