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Hot dogs hit 21st & Union on Saturday

It’s looking like 21st & Union is becoming the new center of the Central District universe. It’s got a radio station, a concert-holding bike shop, and the coolest movie theater in the city.

And now it also has a hot dog cart.

Neighborhood caterer extraordinaire Chef Brenda Lee has teamed up with Lisa Brown to launch our first dedicated hotdog cart in the neighborhood. They found the cart on Craig’s List, filled out 32 pages of mobile food permit paperwork with the city(!), and now their officially up and going on the corner of 21st & Union.

Their menu includes the East Coast Dog, the Chicago Dog, the Your Call Dog, Kids Dog, and Veggie Dog. For $7 you get the dog, chips, and a drink, or $4 for kids.

The schedule isn’t totally fixed yet, but they’ll be out there from 11am to dusk today, Saturday, and Sunday.

You can find the cart on the southwest corner of the intersection, in the parking lot of the auto shop there. Check it out and leave tell us all what you think on their review page.

Update: As Jean notes below, they’re experiencing some technical difficulties with the grill and aren’t serving hotdogs today. Check back on Saturday.

0 thoughts on “Hot dogs hit 21st & Union on Saturday

  1. The grill won’t stay lit, so Lisa is calling it a day and looking for a plumber. If a plumber is in the ‘hood and reads this ~1:30pm, maybe you could stop by and take a look.

  2. Well gang, after consulting Deborah the Plumber, the mechanics at Easy Auto Repair, a few words of advice from Kevin of Central Cinema, oh and did we mention Lisa is an electrician? Chef Brenda Lee finally arrived and suggested reading the instructions labeled on the side of said JUSTFOOD cart?!

    The cart is nothing like a standard backyard grill but rather a professional piece of cooking equipment; PILOT LIGHT and all! We had all tried staring it to no avail. The rush of propane would extinguish the flame. But not when the PILOT LIGHTS were lit! Technical difficulties and panic aside the cart is fully functioning.

    So come out on Saturday, make fun of Lisa and the boys at the shop, and git some! Thanks for putting up with the confusion and hope to see you very, very soon!

    The JUSTFOOD Team

  3. There has got to be a better way to verify that the right people are selling food in the right places. Ridiculous overhead like this might be well-intentioned, but I’m sure it’s discouraging business growth and opportunities for communities in Seattle.

    Why so many pages?

  4. Any idea about hours? Drove by this afternoon and decided to take stroll with the family for dinner. Sadly the cart was gone when we got there. We had a great meal outside at Central Cinema instead. (Husband had a great burger and the kids were excited about the edamame hummus).

  5. Be there tomorrow Tuesday 17th and be running 11am – 7pm Tuesday thru Saturday! Gonna stay open past 7pm but let’s start there! Figuring out logistics…