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A new look for CDNews

You might notice a few changes around here.

CDNews got it’s start as a beta site for our Neighborlogs community blogging platform, and as such it had the original demo UI. And it had its share of problems, such as a short limit for headline that made us spend way too much time trying to cleverly get the point across in the space allowed.

But we finally decided it was time for an upgrade, and made the switch tonight to the standard Neighborlogs theme with a few tweaks. And now we’ll be able to automatically pick up all of the cool new features as they’re added to the platform too, so look forward to some new tools in the days ahead.

And of course there’s still some loose ends around and we’ll be cleaning those up later today.

Oh, and we now have space for new things like Facebook integration. So click on the blue F button up at the top right and become our Facebook friends. And of course you can follow all of our neighborhood news there too.

0 thoughts on “A new look for CDNews

  1. The only issue with the layout is there is three inches of white space on either side of the content now – it doesn’t use dynamic frames I guess.