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12th Avenue Benches

at Lucky Devil Tattoo near Howell


Have you noticed the new 12th Avenue benches?

at Velocity Dance Center near Pine Street

at Chatterbox near Spring St 

at WaterTown near Barclay Court

The benches were funded by the City of Seattle Office of Economic Development with input from the 12th Avenue Stewardship Committee and project management by Capitol Hill Housing.  The City of Seattle provided the raw materials that were originally granite curbstones.  Who knows, maybe some of these pieces of granite used to reside on 12th Avenue before being torn up and replaced with concrete…

Special thanks are due to Kevin Long of Urban Wilds who did a fantastic job on design and fabrication of the granite stones as well as installation on the sidewalk. We also want to thank Daniel Mihalyo of Lead Pencil Studio for help with the design, offering up a workspace, and general assistance with the project, Greg Lewis for help with installation, 12th Avenue Iron who fabricated the bench legs, Kate Leitch at the Seattle Department of Transportation for helping us with City permits, and to each property and business owner who supported this project.

Be sure to check out all five benches located on 12th Avenue between Yesler and Denny.  Each one is designed a little differently and shows the amazingly different qualities of the granite — both the rough and rugged raw stone and the smooth and shiny polished stone. 

So,  pull up a seat, and enjoy the view of 12th from these really cool benches! 


at Saba Ethiopian near Yesler

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  1. Heartfelt thanks to the makers of these benches! I hope they encourage people to sit and talk or just let their minds escape the hurly-burly for a few minutes.