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US DOT Award to Seattle

From Engineering News Record: In its latest hotly contested competition for federal aid, the Dept. of Transportation has awarded $293 million for 53 streetcar and bus projects around the country. Some of the funds will go for construction. 

Urban Circulator/Bus and Bus Livability Project Descriptions

WASHINGTON Project: Seattle Intermodal Hub (Bus and Bus Livability)

Sponsor: City of Seattle
Amount: $2,400,000

The City of Seattle will restore the historic King Street Station and improve the Westlake Hub,  creating two intermodal transportation hubs in downtown Seattle that connect rail, bus, streetcar, and pedestrian networks in Seattle’s Center City. Improvements to these two hubs are critical to implementation of Seattle’s Center City Access Strategy to revitalize 10 downtown neighborhoods, fight regional sprawl and build a sustainable economy and community.

Full list of all states here:

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  1. Yes. That’s like the 20th time this week I’ve gotten east/west wrong around here. Directional skills slipping….

  2. Dyslexic much? I am, esp right/left, east/west. Makes for interesting road trips. :) No, your OTHER left!!

  3. I orient on the ocean. Oh lake is east. Oh Sound is west. No ocean is… Which coast am I on now? Pretty much need to go through THAT exercise before the words east or west come out of my mouth :-)