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Unleashed dogs

Is anyone else out there becoming concerned about the increasing number of unleashed dogs in our neighborhood? I can’t even take the kids out to T.T. Minor park anymore as it is being used as an illegal off leash park most of the time.  Help me to understand….if you are one of the people who constantly let your dogs run free on the streets or in the parks, why do you do this? I am asking seriously asking as I do not see a benefit for either the animal or people, but I am trying to keep an open mind. Thank you.

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  1. i have a small jaCK RUSSEll 15-18 lbs. i run her wherever i can and wherever i can. when u live arnd the city green/open space is a premium. so whether u have a small child or small dog (its same thng in my bk) you seek a spot to run/ chase sqrrls. Our dogs are inside all day so why would we wanna put our dogs on leash in a park? dogs need to run free at least once a day, just like kids. It is a little bit of a conflict, but they shld co-exist. sorry, but cops are more focused on criminal acts than dogs momentarily in city parks. Get used to it & get a dog then you’ll know what im tlkin bout.

  2. We have a dog. Interesting that you assumed we didn’t. I know they need space to roam that is why I take them to off leash areas such as my back yard and Colonade. I would NEVER impose an animal on someone else and I have no right to dictate, individually, what the law should be. Do YOU? As far as your “get used to it” comment… really? I need to get “used to” my children being knocked down and hurt by dogs running freely? Would you have been happy if your parents just “accepted” you being seen as second class to an animal and having to live with scars from stitches on your chin from being knocked on to the pavement by a lose pug? Really? I mean, seriously… REALLY? Do YOU have children? Have we come to this that we find justification in our OWN decision to have an animal locked up all day that we have to set them upon people who have the expectation to have them controlled? Why do you feel you have more rights than us? I FULLY support off leash areas in parks and pay taxes to accomplish this and would gladly pay MORE to secure them in ALL parks. But with your attitude, I have NO rights to a park. I can’t freely use ANY of them with the intended purpose – without the concern of dogs either tripping, biting or in general posing a nuisance to me and my family.

  3. I’ve been wondering the same thing for a few years now, as there is a “No Dogs” sign at the entrance to TT Minor. My child too has been knocked down by a dog there… I realize the dog was just trying to play, and fortunately it was on the grass so no stitches were needed, but my son is now terrified of all dogs where he wasn’t before.

    Perhaps we should campaign to get an off-leash park created somewhere in the neighborhood?

    Also, Dereck, I’ve noticed that at Firehouse Park and Spring Street Park, there are hardly ever dogs. Granted, the play area is smaller, but at least it’s safer.

    (Then again, I’ve had to stop taking my son to Powell Barnett because of the other kids–too many unsupervised making an unsafe environment on the slides and other equipment in the bigger-kid area.)

  4. Its great to live in a country where you can decide to have children or not,Have dogs or not…….I Have a dog and it is my responsibility to take care of the dogs needs, and to abide by the leash laws and the scoop law in our city.Its also just self respect and the respect for the others . I see a lot of people doing what ever they want with there dogs. Dogs are supposed to be on leashes in the city and at the parks. It does not matter if its 2 pounds or 110 pounds, I think many owners just cant seam to give them selves and there dogs a good long walk its good for both Owner and animal.

  5. bdwg,

    If you knew anything about the breed you own, you would know that they are NOT city dogs.

    You are going to let your dog(s) do what they want and say “screw you” to everyone else.

    If you dog is well-trained and well socialized, it will probably NOT be a threat to anyone or their dog, running off-leash. The worst thing that can happen is that they can run into traffic and be killed. A shame.

    If the dog is not well-trained and socialized, they can attack larger dogs and small children. A shame to everyone.

    Too bad we have people like you in the neighborhood who don’t give a crap about anyone else.

    Lucky we have Karma. Hope it does not come to bite YOU.

  6. Some dog owners don’t feel the law applies to them. My son is now afraid of dogs cause of one of these off the leash dogs. Some dogs are very well behaved but it’s their play time and they should be in a place they can run and our parks or school playgrounds are not that place. Good luck trying to tell one of these self-righteous dog owners they need a leash. Even if you walk up to them with your dog on a leash, you’ll get nothing but attitude and a dog that is now hostile towards you or your dog. Unfortunately, it’ll take police action to get people to comply. We have dog parks all over, not very far away and I have never seen a parent take their kid to run at the dog park.
    Thanks to Dereck, Buck and others who are good dog owners and good neighbors.

  7. Anyone else have trouble with their car immediately after buying gas at the Arco/AmPm at 23rd & Cherry?

  8. Looks like this thread is old, but just joined so am looking around. I have to say, this is my pet peeve (ha, ha). I love dogs. But I am very tired of having to leave parks due to the unleashed dogs running around. I DO feel like dogs have more rights than humans as dogs have parks to themselves whereas I am unable to take my kids to one single park without dealing with kids hyperventilating in terror. My children have been the victim of loose dogs too many times to ignore the potential and realized threat they pose. I have owned many dogs, so I understand, that sometimes the harm is not due to intent, but rather, excitement. But also as many times “innocent play” is not so innocent after all. But some dogs owners are just not prepared or willing to to understand the animal they are raising. They are first and foremost pack animals who seek pack hierarchy. EVERYTHING they do, some of which you interpret as affection, is just their way of saying “I control you. You are submissive to me.” A dog that is alpha to you is NOT properly socialized. It will NEVER submit to another person that hasn’t taken a calculated dominant stance against them – they WILL act dominant/aggressive towards someone they deem physically or emotionally submissive (most children and small animals). This is where some folks excuse the actions are “unpredictable”, though it is anything but. The first thing a dog owner mutters after their dog has exhibited any individual or pack aggressiveness is “He/She has never done this before”… Unfortunately then they go on to blame the victim. I say it is simple. If you choose to have a dog, first familiarize yourself with the breed and the current laws in your area. Decide if you can indeed provide for this animal with what it needs to be physically and emotionally happy and healthy. Not what YOU need (same as kids or any other life you claim responsibility for). And also ask yourself if you are able and willing to abide by the LAWS that have been agreed to within the society YOU have chosen to live in. If you feel the laws do not meet your needs or your animal’s, I urge you to work to change those laws I will be the first person to sign off on more off leash parks initiatives. And until the law changes, realize that you are and should be expected to do as everyone else – abide by the laws, despite how you may FEEL. And if you can not meet the dog’s needs or society’s rule, then consider another animal or reconsider “pet” ownership if your lifestyle is truly not yet ready to care for another living being. I would like to add, that I am truly shocked by how many of the off leash law breakers are with their kids. If you have children, consider the lesson you are teaching the future leaders of the world…that laws are only to be followed if we like them or if they are convenient/prosperous to us. Don’t we have enough of that already? Thank you for letting me “rant”.