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SPD drop-in center vandalism suspects charged with felony

Seattle Crime is reporting that the man and woman arrested last week for taking a sledgehammer to the SPD drop-in center at 23rd & Union have been charged with a felony:

According to prosecutors, the man and woman now charged for trashing an SPD “neighborhood drop-in center” in the Central District earlier this week may be connected to other anti-cop vandalism in the neighborhood.

This week, prosecutors charged Patrick Joseph McGowan, 26, and Laura Ann Stahl, 23, with malicious mischief after they allegedly used sledgehammers to smash the front windows of a police office at 23rd and Union on July 11th.

The prime evidence against them is bloody fingers, testimony of three witnesses, conflicting stories from the suspects, and glass fragments that police found on their clothing.

According to charging documents, McGowan is a resident of the neighborhood in the 500 block of 26th Avenue South.

Glass broken out of the door and north window of the SPD drop-in center

0 thoughts on “SPD drop-in center vandalism suspects charged with felony

  1. It saddens me to see such crazed violence, and seemingly with no real reason or purpose to pin their anger on. Our overworked and respected Police Officers have provided the support and respect that we have all come to expect and admire. By attacking this Poilice site, in our community, it seems to me that the attacker (s) were really attacking the people of Seattle, and that now these attackers need to accept the negative publisity as earned and the punishment as deserved.

  2. I mean, if you’re going to break the law, either profit wildly from it, or do it just so you don’t starve. This is just a stupid waste.

  3. I’ve seen police cars parked in front but I’ve never seen anyone inside. What exactly is this drop-in center for?

  4. the management of the drop in center is puzzling to me. why doesn’t this space actually get used? Because of this, it is even more of a target! Can we please get some actual “office hours” for the place?

  5. The ‘drop-in’ refers to officers dropping in to do computer work, use the loo and/or get a drink of water.

    There is no money for a mini-precinct or an office that’s open to the public. There never was such money and we knew from the beginning it was so. If anyone out there has monies available to fund same, please step up.

    Laurie of Seattle Neighborhood Group uses the space for the successful Get Off the Streets program on Wednesdays.