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Night-Out just two weeks away – registered your party yet?

Seattle’s Night Out is Tuesday August 3rd, and it’s your yearly chance to plan a BBQ, close your street, and create a little neighborhood party where you can meet and chat with your neighbors.

According to SPD Crime Prevention Coordinator Mark Solomon, you’ve got until Thursday July 29th to register your event with the city. That’ll get you a free street closure permit, and a likely visit from fire trucks, cops, and/or fancy city officials.

Already have a party planned? Leave a comment below so we can add it to our list and put it on our big map on the day of the event.

No plans yet? Make some!  Here’s a plan to get it done:

  1. Talk to a few neighbors you know, and get them to be your party co-captains
  2. Decide what end of the street you want to hold it at, and register with the city
  3. Print up some flyers announcing the event, and give people some ideas about what they can bring to the party (chips, buns, drinks, desserts, etc)
  4. Split up flyer delivery with your co-captains and canvas your block, putting them in your neighbor’s doors
  5. Leave a comment below to let us know where your party will be

See our coverage from previous years to get a preview of the fun.

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