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New sports bar/cafe opens on East Union

For those of us close to the Capitol Hill/Central District border, get ready to welcome a new bar to the neighborhood.  Auto Battery, a sports bar/cafe opened up yesterday at 1009 East Union Street. It opened next door to Po Dog.  Po Dog’s owner Laura Olson has an ownership stake in Auto Battery as well.  Auto Battery features two shuffle board tables, ten flat screen monitors (one of which will be attached to a Wii), free wifi, beer, cocktails, po dogs and Macrina baked treats.  Daily hours of operation will be 8 am to 2am.  

0 thoughts on “New sports bar/cafe opens on East Union

  1. for a sports bar close.

    would love to see them go more local and adventerous with their taps. mirror pond, manny’s, etc, all good beers, but there are some really good new breweries around–Big Al’s, Chuckanut, Two Beers, Fremont, etc–and it wouldn’t be hard to give them a handle or two.

    does anybody else care about this stuff? :-)

  2. Heck yes I care Elvis! Beer is one of my primary concerns in life.

    Black Butte on tap is like the nectar of the gods. And this place is within walking distance of mi casa. Score!

    Manny’s/Coors/MacJacks are schwill, but to each their own. More Butte for me!

  3. Coors Light? Didn’t Pete Coors run for Senate in Colorado as a republican in 04 on an anti-gay marriage soap box?

  4. Sounds like a great place to have a fantasy football draft and get smashed on game day! Boundary Bay and Alpine Pilsner please!! Alpine pilsner is particularly good…made by some crazy German guy up in northeast Washington.

  5. Couldn’t agree more with the comments about the selection of beers. Very stoked about this place opening so close to our pad but disappointed at that tap selection. Maybe take a page out of the Summit Tavern’s approach and really offer a sample of some terrific local micros. Otherwise, sounds like a great spot and really looking forward checking it out.

  6. exactly. or what the guy at madrona ale house does.

    his selections have been great lately, a very solid mix of local and regional (cali, oregon, colo, etc).