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New crossing flags installed on Jackson

You may find it a bit easier to cross Jackson starting this week. The Central Area Development Association has equipped all of the crossings between 16th & 25th with bright red flags that you can grab and carry across the street to get more attention from motorists.

Just make sure to return them to the other side. And – bonus points if you wave them with skill and or style.

0 thoughts on “New crossing flags installed on Jackson

  1. Extra bonus points if you stick the landing on the other side (roooaaarr of the crowd) :-D
    I love that usually the flags seem to stick around and not disappear within days.

  2. I’ll bet they’re gone in less than a week. The ones I’ve seen on Cap Hill were yoinked very quickly and haven’t been replaced, and their storage bucket converted into a trashcan.

  3. They need to put a stop light at the crosswalk of 18th and Jackson. Cars refuse to stop even for older ladies.

  4. It always amazes me how many people don’t know the local traffic laws regarding pedestrians. While a marked crosswalk makes it much easier for pedestrians (thank you new crosswalk at MLK & Marion), drivers should also be aware and yield to pedestrians at unmarked intersections. This includes major arterial streets such as MLK, Jackson, and 23rd. The only places drivers shouldn’t be yielding to pedestrians is in the middle of a block without marked crosswalks and where traffic signals control pedestrian as well as vehicle traffic. Of course, you still need to yield to pedestrians if turning without a green arrow.

  5. I cannot believe what I saw this morning. I was just walking along 20th Ave on my way to get a delicious cup of coffee when I saw this squirrel STEALING the flags from the corner of Jackson and 20th Ave.

    I CANNOT believe this. These squirrels are a menace and need to be dealt with.