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Fixx Coffee Bar arrives at 23rd & Madison

Fixx Coffee Bar (a new CDNews sponsor) recently opened up shop at 2310 East Madison Street. If that address sounds familiar to you, that would be because Cafe Char most recently occupied the site. Cafe Char had a short, volatile history at this space. But, if you recall a bit further back, The Fargonian Coffeehouse enjoyed a successful run on that block until it shuttered in 2006.

Fixx has learned a few lessons from Cafe Char. Chiefly, its hours of operation are straightforward 7 am to 6 pm 7 days a week. Second, it has partnered with Fremont Coffee Company and serves its beans. Aric Annear, Fixx’s manager, is also part-owner of Fremont Coffee Company. He explained to us that a distinguishing characteristic of Fremont’s beans compared to others (such as Vita, Herkimer, etc), is that they shy away from Starbucks-like dark roasted beans. Fremont’s beans are a more light roast. Bluebird Cafe is an example of a local cafe that serves Fremont’s beans. In turn, Fixx sells Bluebird Ice Cream. In fact, the coffee ice cream sold by Fixx incorporates Fremont’s beans.

All espresso drinks are double shots. There is free wi-fi. Stop by and give them a try.  

0 thoughts on “Fixx Coffee Bar arrives at 23rd & Madison

  1. Not loving the light roast, but maybe double shots make up for it. I need it strong.

  2. I love light roast coffee – which has more caffeine than dark roast – and it’s much fruitier flavor. I’ll most definitely be swinging by after I one again fail to find pita at the Dread Apple and have to go to Safeway.

  3. While dark roast beans have a more intense flavor than light roast, they actually contain less caffeine. Higher quality Arabica beans also contain about half the caffeine of the less expensive Robusta beans which you find in many national drip blends sold in supermarkets. Grind and brewing techniques also affect the caffeine content of coffee.

  4. Hi Spiffy–just want to clarify that what I meant by “lighter” roast is that our espresso is blended to be smooth, sweet, complex, and lightly fruity instead of sour or bitter like a Starbucks/Tully’s/etc. Please come by and give it a try…if you don’t like it I’ll give you a refund. :)

  5. Aparently they mis-quoted him. She asked him what was “different” about their coffee and he said that basically they don’t burn their beans like Starbucks.

    I guess that got turned into “dark roast” by someone who doesn’t know anything about coffee ;)

  6. … but is there any place in the CD for an after-dinner coffee? I used to love walking down to Dilettante on summer evenings for a decaf mocha but of course they’ve been closed a couple years now, and seems like all the local coffee places close at 6:00.

  7. I’m not pre-judging it, I’ll definitely try it.

    I’m more concerned about taste rather than caffeine content and bean roasting methods. Above when I said “strong” I was meaning tasty and not watery or too milky.

  8. @DC: Sorry–I wasn’t misquoted or anything, my comment above was just to clarify. I really appreciate seadevi and CDN coming down and doing a piece on us.

  9. I saw this space was needing someone to run it!! I’m glad they have Aric in there… he’ll keep it going.. Welcome to the CD Aric!!

  10. With both ice cream and espresso on the menu, what’s the chance I can get an affogato close to home? This will make my summer!

  11. Your chances are 100%. :) It’s not formally on the menu but we’ll be happy to make one for you on request.

  12. So glad to see another coffee shop! Are you dog-friendly so I can stop by while I’m walking my dog in that direction? That’d be awesome…

  13. A dark roast just means the beans were roasted until all flavor was burned away. Light and medium roasts keep the flavors!

  14. Sweet baby Jesus, the coffee here is wonderful. I hope this place sticks around.

  15. And it was good. Hit the spot and gave me the energy I needed for the Capitol Hill Block Party on Sunday!