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Livestock Update: Goats chewing their way through hillside

It was just a couple of days ago that we were telling our visiting parents about the local trend of using goats to clear overgrown properties of blackberries and other tough brambles. And then we ran into a herd of them working their way through a hillside in Denny Blaine just yesterday.

It’s a neat thing to watch if you’ve never seen goats do their thing or have kids who would enjoy seeing some unusual livestock here in the city.

The goats are located on the 500 block of 39th Avenue East. It’s a sort of hidden street, but just take the downhill right turn from Lake Washington Blvd when it hits the five-way intersection with McGilvra and 39th East, drive halfway down the block, and look up-hill.

According to the goat-wrangler, the goats should be there through Thursday. 

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  1. After a swim at Madison Beach my husband took our three year old son to watch the goats. They had a fine afternoon.