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Another attack on police drop-in station – windows smashed

Our news partners at The Seattle Times are reporting that the SPD drop-in location at 23rd and Union suffered its second violent attack within a week when a man and woman broke out three windows with a sledgehammer:

At least four witnesses called 911 just before 11:30 p.m. Sunday to report hearing loud thuds as two people swung sledgehammers at the windows of the substation at the corner of 23rd Avenue and East Union Street, said police spokesman Jeff Kappel.

The suspects were spotted near 25th & Cherry, ID’d by the witnesses, and arrested for felony malicious mischief. 

Last week protesters left anti-cop graffiti on the building following the California verdict against a police officer who shot and killed an unarmed man.

h/t to Seattle Crime for the link.

8 thoughts on “Another attack on police drop-in station – windows smashed

  1. This Drop-In Center is also used every Wednesday afternoon. The “Get Off The Streets” (GOTS) program try to help homeless addicts get into treatment, clean and sober housing, etc. Seattle Neighborhood Group is not affiliated with the Police, but many people think we work for the Police Department when they see us out there. The Police and our group are out there trying to do some good things. I hope no harm comes to anyone that is at the Drop-In Center.

  2. I would hope that you are not disavowing the support from our local Police, nor in anyway attempting distance yourself or group, or to lower Our Police force status in our community. No, of course not, as we all rely upon them in times of need, and this is whether or not we use the same facilities as they do, or if we just rely upon them to keep us safe.

    This act of violent vandelism threatens all of us, and is not acceptable in any civilized society. If these attackers were to get away with this assault, what is to prevent additional attacks against other innocents as well?

  3. I felt violated by this attack! If someone feels that they need to show anger at the police do it in the daylight and protest in front of the building. I would like the police officers that stop by there and patrol our neighborhood to accept my apology for the idiots that have no sense and feel that they can vandelize a building and get their point accross to people. Maybe we should stop by this weekend and show our support for our “Drop In Center”. Thanks to the officers that patrol our neighborhood!!!

  4. Just an FYI – Our building accross the street (old Phily Cheeseteak) was also tagged on the building itself and on new glass windows. Video surveillance equipment will be installed asap to catch bad guys in the act. 23rd and Union is a key interesection in Seattle and deserves better than this kind of activity.

  5. I live in the neighborhood and am always dumbfounded as to why the drop in center isn’t used more. it seems to me more of a token gesture. That’s great, but this is a high problem area in town and it just makes more sense to have some one in here consistently….how about some volunteers or people earning school credit?….even if “customers” with issues need to be buzzed in!

  6. What’s happening at the Philly spot, Ian? I’ve seen people working- drywall and such. Any specific plans in the works?
    I’m sorry you were hit too- agree the intersection needs some vitality.

  7. Nora – no plans yet. Just fixing up the “bones” of the building. It was in bad repairs so we are getting mechanicals basic cosmetics up to snuff. Now the plan is to find a great tenant that will help the neighborhood. Let me know if you have any ideas!!!!! ian at usnetwork dot com .

  8. Tom,

    Are you only going to put congratulatory articles an not links about Eisenberg’s snake oil past? Is he your friend? Please email me at the address included if you don’t want to publish this, I’d like to discuss it.