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All Purpose Pizza Brunch – LAST DAY TODAY 7/18

Sadly, brunch isn’t working out as well as we had hoped and the labor to staff APP with sales so low is draining my already financially fragile business.

Thank for the support of those who were able to make it. When things turn around I hope to bring brunch back – perhaps late fall – but right now the economics just aren’t making sense.

Thanks a million

Kedra & APP Staff

0 thoughts on “All Purpose Pizza Brunch – LAST DAY TODAY 7/18

  1. it is a complete drag that it didn’t work out the way we had envisioned/planned. The food IS really really good!

  2. Sorry to see brunch go. Glad I made it in one last time this morning. It was delicious as usual. Compliments to the chef. Hope it works out to bring back brunch someday!

  3. Contrary to frequent requests for “a breakfast place” on this blog, typically in the industry restaurants fail at making a profit from breakfast. It seldom has to do with the quality of food, but instead the lack of volume. People tend to dine out at lunch and dinner far more frequently than breakfast. Kedra’s experience shows this.

  4. Aww, Kendra.

    Totally sucks. We brought our whole family in before our wedding a few weeks back, and everyone had rave reviews! I for sure am going to miss the breakfast pizza I’m already craving again! Could you possible add a few of these to the every day menu??

    Thanks for the try. You’re our fav.

  5. We’d hoped to support your brunch effort, but when it came down to it, we just couldn’t afford the prices. Hopefully things will improve for us as well as for you, and when brunch returns it won’t be too rich for our finances any more.