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T.T. tar job stinking up the neighborhood

For the last couple of hours we’ve been trying to breathe a bit less here in CDNews World HQ, overpowered by the scent of fresh tar. Somewhere in the second hour it moved from an annoyance to potential news, and so we set out to find the source.

Turns out it was all coming from TT Minor, which we told you two weeks ago is in the middle of a $700,000 re-roofing job.

Crews are up on the roof now, and large clouds of tar fumes are visible coming off of the roof, and being blown south/southeast by the northerly breeze.

We’ve placed a call to Seattle Schools to see how long this fragrant part of the work may last, and found that there’s 14 work days left in the tarring process, taking us to the end of the first full week of July, assuming there’s no rain or other weather-related delays.

In the meantime, you may find us hanging out in a coffee shop somewhere north of Pike street.

0 thoughts on “T.T. tar job stinking up the neighborhood

  1. Uuuggghhhhh…
    I’m surprised the smell is just now making it over to CDNews HQ! It’s been off and on for a couple weeks now as it is.

  2. I live 2 blocks from TT Minor but the smell seems to have dissipated by the time my son and I have made it over to the playground at 6pm the last couple of days. I’m sorry you have to put up with it!